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Are you looking out for a holistic doctor who can treat your health issues and provide specialized hair and skin treatments in South Bangalore? Savi Bindu Homeopathy and Aesthetics Clinic is your one-stop destination for you and your family. 

Savi Bindu Homeopathy and Aesthetics Clinic offers classical and modern homeopathic treatment and the latest cosmetology treatments for skin and hair. It adopts an integrated treatment approach for the best results. 

In 2008, Dr. Gayathri Vadapalli, BHMS, PGDCC, FCN, a practicing Homeopath, Medical Cosmetologist and Nutritionist founded the Savi Bindu Homeopathy and Aesthetics Clinic with the sole aim of offering holistic treatment along with the latest cosmetology skin and hair treatments. 

Why Savi Bindu Homeopathy and Aesthetics Clinic

Homeopathy works on the principle of reaching out to the root cause and treating it for a full recovery and zero recurrences. It is a very gentle treatment that works wonders in restoring the patient to normal health with no side effects or toxicity.

SaviBindu Homeopathy has a team of well-qualified doctor professionals who understand the patient thoroughly regarding the ailment for accurate diagnosis and suitable treatment to heal and cure the patient. The clinic also has all the latest diagnostic methods and tools to assist the team for an accurate diagnosis. 

Treatments Offered







Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hormonal Disorder

Hormonal Disorder


Infectious Diseases








Skin Therapy


Vascular Disorder


Womens Health


Dr. Gayathri Vadapalli is committed to serving her patients with the best possible holistic treatment. She strives to offer them healing at the inner level, bringing relief in their physical discomfort and enhancing their mental wellness. She truly believes that a healthy and well-balanced mind leads to good physical health and wellbeing.

She is dedicated to serving people in every possible way. She has received the Governor’s Award and Rashtrapati Award in Scouts and Guides during her schooling days at the state level.

Her current focus is on treating COVID 19 patients and working towards a holistic approach and management of the same at the grass root levels. Her efforts have been well acknowledged, and she is recognized as a COVID warrior.

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Dr. Gayathri Vadapalli has envisioned a society with healthy people with sound mental health. She firmly believes in the core principles of homeopathy and treats patients by accurately diagnosing their core issues and addressing them at that level.

Dr. Gayathri Vadapalli is open to treat all challenging cases and even undertake cosmetic makeovers. She is warm and friendly doctor who relates with the patients very well and building a healthy patient-doctor relationship.

Meet the Founder - Dr. Gayathri vadapalli


Savi bindu homeopathy provides following services



Nutrition plays a very important role for healthy mind and body. Correct diet and food eating habits are very essential for recovery from illness. She relates totally with ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ as quoted by Hippocrates.  Dr. Gayathri is a qualified clinical nutritionist.



Each one wants to look and feel good. Today, it is possible to undergo a cosmetic makeover, albeit a safe and an assured one from a qualified cosmetologist. With Dr. Gayathri being an accomplished cosmetologist, her patients can seek medical treatment to resolve their skin and hair issues.



Homeopathy is a holistic approach which uses highly diluted substances with the aim of triggering body’s own healing mechanism. Now a day’s people are intrigued towards homeopathy, because there is no risk of side effect.Dr Gayathri being a homeopathic doctor and a holistic healer prescribes the medicine and treatment to its patient by taking specific set of symptoms and how they experience them.

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