Hair as an organ of the body performs an important role. It protects the body from harmful UV radiation and also provides warmth to the skin. Hence, it is necessary to take proper care of hair care and suitable treatment to ensure it stays healthy and good.

An increasing number of people are currently seeking safe and reliable solutions for hair fall, baldness, premature greying of hair, dry hair, and other hair disorders. Homeopathy offers a very safe and natural treatment for hair disorders with assured results.

Also, people can seek out non-surgical hair treatments to treat scalp conditions and hair externally. These are advanced cosmetology treatments performed by trained cosmetologists in a safe and hygienic environment. People can always approach qualified doctors who offer these services for the best results.

Savi Bindu Homeopathy and Aesthetics Clinic offers two levels of hair treatments.


Along with environmental factors, stressful lifestyle, emotional disturbances, food habits, hormonal disorders can lead to hair diseases. The doctors at Savi Bindu focus on treating the root cause of the disease rather than the symptoms. They focus on accurate diagnosis to prescribe the most suitable medicine for hair disorders.

Many patients may have the same hair disorders but different health conditions. Hence, homeopathic doctors have to prescribe a different set of suitable medicines for every particular patient.

Savi Bindu has successfully treated patients with dandruff issues, hair thinning, receding hairline, alopecia and alopecia areata, and so on. They are experts in treating cases of male as well as female pattern baldness.

Savi Bindu Advanced Cosmetology certified treatments for the hair

Savi Bindu Homeopathy and Aesthetic Center offers the latest certified cosmetology treatments for hair growth, restoration and rejuvenation. These are non-surgical treatments performed on the patient’s scalp by well trained and experienced cosmetologists under the supervision of Dr. Gayathri.

As a result of these treatments, the patients get natural-looking and healthy hair. The patient feels more confident, attractive, and well-groomed.

Savi Bindu offers the following advanced and certified hair treatments –

PRP treatment
Male and female baldness patterns

In PRP treatment for hair, the cosmetologist will inject plasma rich platelet sourced from the patient’s blood on the scalp area that requires hair. The platelet rich plasma is enriched with growth cells which encourage the growth of new hair in that area. The growth of new hair is noticed in a couple of weeks.

In mesotherapy treatment, the cosmetologist injects a powerful and customized combination of homeopathic medicines, essential nutrients and vitamins into the scalp of the patient for stimulating and boosting hair growth. This is a very result oriented treatment that revitalizes hair and its growth.

In most cases, multiple sessions of PRP and mesotherapy are recommended at regular intervals for long lasting results. Also, the cosmetologist will suggest and guide on how to maintain the hair growth on an annual basis.